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Sodex® turf nutrient is a specially formulated blend of 12 percent calcium and five percent nitrogen. Sodex turf nutrient was developed to help golf course superintendents and turf managers grow and maintain the highest quality turf under increasingly stressful conditions. Its application increases turf growth and reduces susceptibility to diseases by reducing sodium levels in the soil.  

By reducing sodium levels in the soil, Sodex:

  • Improves water penetration,
  • Provides a safe, prolonged greening effect,
  • Improves soil tilth and structure, and
  • Provides calcium nutrition for increased stress tolerance.
How does Sodex work?

Sodium is often the single most difficult element to manage and potentially the most damaging to soil chemical balance. Sodium is a single charged cation (Na+) which can be displaced by double charged cations such as calcium (Ca+2).

Soils with high levels of sodium on the clay particle exchange sites causes the particles to break down and fill in the pore spaces of the soil making a seal or barrier to water penetration and salt leaching. Sodex turf nutrient is the most soluble of all calcium amendments which means that the sodium problem is corrected quickly, safely and economically.

Recommended Application Rates:

Apply one to two quarts of Sodex liquid calcium treatment per 1,000 sq. ft. (10 to 20 gal/acre). Sodex can be surface applied and irrigated or used in fertigation systems. Sodex turf nutrient can be mixed with most herbicides and nitrogen fertilizers. (Performing a jar test is recommended.)

CAUTION: Do Not Mix with Sulfates or Phosphates.



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