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N-Cal Liquid Calcium Nutrient

FieldN-Cal® liquid calcium chloride (CaCl2) supplement is a specially formulated blend of calcium and nitrogen that provides unique benefits that other fertilizers cannot offer. Based on research conducted at Texas A&M University, N-Cal formulations offer growers the most soluble calcium fertilizer on the market.
N-Cal Advantages

Calcium for Crop Nutrition. Calcium is an essential element for growing high yielding, high quality crops. The absence of adequate levels of available calcium not only reduces the production capacity of the plant, but also lower its resistance to disease and other environmental pressures. An adequate supply of calcium at the right time is critical. With the farmer under increasing pressure to make top quality and yield at harvest, the economic benefits of using N-Cal become clear.

Calcium for Amending Sodium Affected Soils. Calcium has long been recognized as an important soil amendment. By using a highly soluble source of calcium like N-Cal, the grower is able to quickly remove harmful sodium salts from the root zone, leaving behind valuable calcium and nitrogen nutrients to provide proper nutrition for rapid recovery and vegetative re-growth.

Calcium for Enhanced Nitrogen Uptake. Studies conducted at Texas A&M have shown that in urea nitrogen will stay in the ammonium form longer when combined with calcium chloride at certain ratios. Why is this important? Plants absorb up to four (4) times more ammonium nitrogen than nitrate nitrogen. The A&M research showed that increased ammonium uptake is associated with higher yields and better quality crops. In addition, nitrogen in the ammonium form is not considered leachable compared to nitrate nitrogen, an important factor when you consider most crops lose an average of 40-70% of applied nitrogen due to factors such as nitrate leaching, volatilization and denitrification. Using N-Cal in a blend like our 23-0-0-7Ca assures the grower he'll get the most for his nitrogen input dollar.


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